Fast Change Signs

        Fast Change Signs “Waterproof Signs Printed On Any Home Printer” Fast Change Signs



Sign Faces Can Be Changed In Seconds

All Lettering And Photos Are Reusable And Movable

Learn To Make Waterproof Exterior Signs Using Your Home Printer 

These are Fast Change Signs. Everything you see on this sign was made using a home computer and printer. We have invented a process where anything you can print on your home computer can be made into a full color exterior waterproof sign.


Exterior Waterproof Changeable Sign Faces

……………   3x4.23x4

Rearrange your sign in seconds

The best part of these Fast Change Signs is that we are using a reusable adhesive system. This enables you to easily move your individual letters and words or pictures to any position on the sign face in seconds.

The process is very easy to learn. Simply print out anything you wish on your home printer. You can print full words or individual letters or a full color picture. In minutes you convert this printed item to a waterproof movable sign face with our reusable adhesive system.

This sign is 3 foot wide and 4 foot tall. It is made of materials that were purchased at Home Depot. These materials can also be found at any Lowes or Hardware Store. You do not need any special computer software or any special printer. If you can print a picture on your home computer you will be able to make a sign exactly like this one. You will need to make one additional purchase in order to use the reusable adhesive system. Practically every small town has several stores that sell the main ingredient used in this reusable adhesive system. This reusable adhesive system is very affordable both locally and it also can be purchased from dozens of online vendors also. The full color seafood pictures used on this sign can easily be made for less than $1 each (Your Total Cost).


Build This Sign For $75 Sell For $299

IMG_4075IMG_4096 copy

 Double Sided 3″X4″ Sign 

!Includes Sign Frame And All Lettering And Photos!


There are no limits on the size or colors of the signs that you can make. We show you how to make use of a full range of bright neon colors to give your signs that extra pop

3x4 yellow3x4 red3x4 black

You are not limited to the size of your home printer it is possible to have any letter character or picture enlarged at a office supply store like Office Depot or Staples than treated with the waterproof reusable adhesive system.


We also show you how to easily put 2 signs together to get a 6 foot wide 4 foot high sign.


You can also make a triple sign that is 9 foot wide and 4 foot tall.


It is also possible to use neon material from a sign shop and easily treat it with the waterproof reusable adhesive system. You can even get the sign shop to precut these letters for you.

There is a huge potential for making these signs and selling them to local business owners. Several times a year you can call on these same businesses again and offer updates to their sign faces with their current specials.


Easily Start A Profitable Sign Rental Business With Weekly Income

Earn $1300 A Year From Every 3’x4′ Sign you rent at $25 Per week

Rent Just 25 Of These 3’x4′ Signs To Earn $32,500 Yearly


The greatest opportunity for use of these signs is a sign rental business. You can easily build a 3 foot by 4 foot sign for $75 and rent it to a local business for $25 A Week. The larger signs 6 foot by 4 foot or 9 foot by 4 foot can be built for $150 to $225 each and easily rent for $150 to $200 a month. You can quickly build a inventory of these signs and reusable sign letters and characters. Your customers will love the fact that anything they see on their computer you can put on their signs! Once you get a couple of these signs rented out your business will quickly snowball with referrals from your current rentals. Everyone will be asking your rental customers “Were did you get that colorful sign?” Your rental customers will notice an instant increase in business. Just think $25 every week for every rental you have out. The best part is these signs will cost you less than $75 each to make! That $75 cost is when you buy everything at retail cost when you start to purchase your supplies at wholesale your $75 cost can easily be cut in half.

Your rental customers will easily be able to rearrange or change their signs using the lettering and photos you supply them with. restaurants can change there special every day in seconds

In a matter of a couple weeks you can quickly dominate the sign rental business in your area. Many Cities and Towns do not even have a single sign rental business of any kind. Even if they do no one will be renting signs with this type of visual appeal with the ability to be fully customized for $25 a week. 



  •  Learn How To Make Professional Looking Free Standing Signs And Frames 
  • Learn How To Convert Anything Printed On Any Printer To a Waterproof Movable Sign Face
  • Learn How to Use Bright Neon Color Materials On Your Signs
  • Learn How To Start a Sign Rental And Sales Business


  1.  No Hard Selling Or Cold Calling Needed These Signs Sell Themselves
  2. No Artistic Ability Needed Everything Is Printed On Your Home Printer
  3. No Special Equipment Or Machines To Buy
  4. No Franchise Fees
  5. Buy All Your Supplies Locally Or Online Buy No Supplies From Us
  6. Reuse The Sign Lettering And Pictures The Adhesive System Does Not Wear Out
  7. Turn A Profit On Your First Sale Or Rental
  8. Free Lifetime Product Support Both Phone And Email
  9. This Is A Business You Can Start From Scratch And Be Profitable The Very First Day
  10. No Overhead Get it Started At Home
  11. Look Around No One Else Has This You Can Quickly Corner Your Market 


 Here Is What Is Included In The Fast Change Signs Emailed Kit

(Emailed PDF File View On Any Computer)

Full Written Instructions Covering The Assembly Process for the Free Standing Double Sided Signs. Also Included Are High Definition Color Photos Of every Step Of The Building Process. All Sign And Frame Materials Can Be Purchased At Home Depot, Lowes Or Your Local Hardware Store. No Special Tools Are Needed. A hand Saw And Drill Are All That Are Required.The Instructions Cover 3 Foot By 4 Foot Signs And How To Make a Double 6 Foot By 4 Foot Sign And A Triple 9 Foot By 4 Foot Sign. However Any Size Sign Can Be Easily Made With Slight Modifications.

We Show You How To Take Anything That Has Been Printed On Your Home Computer. Waterproof It And Apply The Reusable Adhesive System. This May Then Be Applied Any Were On Your Sign Face And Reapplied Or Moved Again Thousands of Times Without Having To Be Retreated With The Reusable Adhesive System. We have Full step By Step Written Instructions Covering Every Step Of The Process With Full Color High Definition Pictures Included.

We Show You How To Take Any Common Sign Making Material In Any Bright Color And Easily Convert It To The Reusable Waterproof Adhesive System. You Can.Have These Materials Cut For You At Your Local Sign Shop Or We Also show You How To Cut These Materials Yourself.

These Instructions Are Very Detailed We Leave Nothing Out However If You Ever Have A Question Just Pick Up The Phone Or Shoot Us An Email And Take Advantage Of Our Free Lifetime Support.

You buy no materials or supplies from us everything is purchased locally or online if you choose. 

These instructions will be emailed to the email address from your Credit/Debit purchase. You will usually receive these instructions within minutes in rare instances it may take as long as 24 hours.

  $125 Emailed Fast Change Sign Kit (PayPal or Credit Debit Card)



Testimonials Send yours to >>

From J.T.> In my city there is no one renting signs of any kind. In 7 weeks I now have 17 signs out on rental. Each sign is now bringing in $25 each and every week.

From T.K.> I bought the kit because I wanted a sign for my car wash. Little did I know that I would end up in the sign business. I now have 26 rental sign out on weekly rental. Not to bad for only starting 3 months ago.

From K.L.> I have been in the sign business for several years. My business was stagnant until I started renting out these Quick Change signs. Now I am so busy I actually have hired helpers.  

From B.D.> It has been 9 weeks since I started with Quick Change Signs. I have been very happy with this little business. I turned a profit the first week and every week since has been a little better.

From B.L.> I did have a couple questions after I read the instructions. My emails were answered in a timely manor and I am happy with my purchase.

From G.Y.> My town was ripe for a sign rental company. This is the best business I have ever started.

From D.P.> I am getting phone inquires every day all referrals from one business owner to another. I have 13 rentals out so far.




Q. How long will this reusable waterproof adhesive last?

A. Sign letters and pictures may be removed and reapplied thousands of times.


Q. Will the letters and pictures treated with this reusable waterproof adhesive system stick to any surface?

A. No they must be only applied to our signs for the method to work.


Q. Can any home printer be used?

A. Yes any printer laser and Inkjet as well as any other printer will work.


Q. What about hand drawing will they work also?

A. Yes even a colored page from a coloring book can be treated with the reusable waterproof adhesive system.


Q. Do I need carpentry skills to build these signs?

A. No just drill a few holes and be able to use a hand saw.


Q. What if I have a question after I buy the Kit.

A. Every kit comes with free lifetime email or phone support. (The emailed kit covers almost every possible question we get very few help requests).






  $125 Emailed Fast Change Sign Kit (PayPal or Credit Debit Card)