Headlight FAQ



Q. What is Headlight Clean?

A. It is a custom blend of deoxidizing agents formulated to clean plastic headlight lenses.



Q. Do you offer a product guarantee?

A. 100% on the retail bottle.





Q. Does it work on taillights and turn signals?

A. Yes it works on all plastic lens covers, Headlights, Taillights, Turn signals, Light bars.




Q. Does it work on glass headlights?

A. No glass does not get a oxidation build up.




Q. How many cars can I clean with one bottle of Headlight Clean?

A. 10 cars per bottle.




Q. How big is a bottle?

A. 1 liquid ounce




Q. Will it harm painted surfaces?

A. Not if it is rinsed off. Headlight Clean is meant to be used on plastic only.




Q. How is it shipped?

A. UPS Ground or USPO




Q. Is Headlight Clean available in bulk gallons?

A. Headlight Clean is only packaged in 1 oz bottles. It’s a proprietary blend that must be shaken before each use. Like James Bond’s Martini “Shaken not Stirred”.




Q. Will Headlight Clean remove scratches in my headlight lenses.

A. No





Q. Will Headlight Clean restore all damaged headlight lenses?

A. It will not help completely if plastic is flaking off the lens or if they are deeply pitted and scratched.




Q. Please describe what conditions it does correct?

A. If the lens surface is cloudy, foggy, hazy or the surface of your lens is opaque.
If the surface of your lens are white or the surfaces of your lens are yellow or brown.
If the oxidation build up is so thick on your lens that little light can come through.

Headlight Clean removes the oxidation and discoloration.




Q. Will this oxidation ever return after using Headlight Clean?

A. Every situation is different some benefit from a second treatment in as little as 6 months. Others stay clean for years.


Q. Do you recommend offering a guarantee with a headlight restoration?

A. If you run a business such as an oil change shop, car wash, auto service center, basically any business that relies on repeat customers. It would benefit you to offer a guarantee. Since a treatment of headlight clean only costs you $1. Now if the headlight oxidation does return you get a returning customer who of course is going to get more service than just the Headlight Clean. With a lifetime guarantee you can now charge much more than $20 per car. With a lifetime guarantee everybody wins!






Q. Does Headlight Clean work in the cold weather?

A. Headlight Clean will solidify in the bottle in extreme cold weather. Once it returns to room temperature it will liquefy once again. If you plan on using Headlight Clean in the extreme cold keep your bottle warm. Remember to shake Headlight Clean before each use. Use only the recommended 1/20 of an ounce per headlight. Use the dry portion of your cloth to remove as much of the cleaning solution as possible from the headlight once cleaning is complete. Leaving to much Headlight Clean on the headlight can cause a slight haze to appear in cold weather. This haze can easily be removed with a cloth and hot or warm water.



Q. I have an auto detail business and I currently restore headlights using a system that is expensive and it takes about an hour per car. Can I start using Headlight Clean and expect the same results?

A. Headlight Clean will do just as good a job at removing the grime and oxidation build up as your current system. Your current system probably involves sanding and buffing with power tools. Which are not needed with Headlight Clean. There are a small percentage of headlight lenses that are badly pitted and scratched that will benefit from this sanding process. Most detail shops we supply with Headlight Clean use it on 95% of the lenses they restore. They still use the sanding method on the remaining 5%.




Q. I don’t have the power tools and knowledge to use one of these methods that you talk about in the previous question. What can I do when I encounter one of the 5% of cars that would benefit from the sanding method?

A. Most clients will be happy with the results you produce even on these badly scratched and pitted lenses. The layer of hazy oxidation will be removed. On these scratched pitted lenses don’t promise like new results. Tell them to expect a % of improvement 75-90%.





Q. I am a Pro Auto Detailer some of my clients like the full detail every month. How often can I use Headlight Clean on individual vehicles?

A. Headlights can be foggy, yellow and dingy, which not only affects the appearance of your car, it also affects nighttime visibility. Upon inspection under a microscope, we found that there were tiny cracks in your headlight lenses. These cracks absorb sand, dust, dirt, pollen, even insects. Our two-part mixture is scientifically designed to seep into the cracks and lift the particles out within seconds, while adhering to your cotton cloth. The lustrous shine will be restored to your headlights. The age of your car and the amount of damage done to your headlights will determine how often you will need to use Headlight Clean. Headlight Clean can be used over and over again, every time you wash or detail your car, the same as other products to restore and maintain the finish.




Q. Does Headlight Clean have any other uses?

A. Yes it can be used to clean plastic roof sky lights, motorcycle windshields, and plastic boat windows also.


Q. On the 100 bottle kit why would I want you to put my name and phone number on the bottle?

A. Let’s say you sell a bottle to Joe SixPack the fire fighter who lives across the street from you. He cleans the headlights on his car and his wife’s car and his mother’s car and his brother’s car. Then he takes the bottle to work with him at the Fire Station he cleans 3 more of his coworkers cars at work. Now his boss the Fire Captain wants to buy a bottle of Headlight Clean. Do you want him to look at the bottle and get my phone number and order from me and you make nothing? Or do you want him to call you and you make the $39.95. Now multiply this situation hundreds of times in your city!




Q. So do I have to pay a $10,000 franchise fee before I can have you put my name on the bottle?

A. You can if you want just make the check out to cash and send it to me! Or just order the 100 bottle kit at $7.50 per bottle. And supply me with your company name, phone number, and email address. We will put it on your 100 bottles and leave our contact info off the bottle. With no extra charges.




Q. Do you offer protected territories?

A. We only sell through our website. We cannot stop anyone from ordering online. However if you take advantage of our private label program no one else can purchase your product from us. Also we only sell Headlight Clean in single bottle quantities for our full retail price of $39.95. Should you become very successful at marketing our product in your area. And you ask us to stop our marketing efforts in your area we would consider this request.




Q. So how much can I make cleaning headlights?

A. My 19 year old nephew has the chance to go to any college he wants to. He is a very smart kid. The summer he graduated high school he started cleaning Headlights with Headlight Clean. He fills up a plastic grocery bag with bottles of Headlight Clean and a couple of cloth hand towels. He then Jumps in his classic red 1967 GTO which he bought on his own and drives to a random parking lot. He gets out carrying his grocery bag with Headlight Clean and starts asking folks who exit their cars. “Miss I see your headlights are very foggy and hazy I restore headlights can I show you on this headlight for free”. He works till about noon every day then he hooks up a trailer to his GTO and goes off riding his new dirt bike every day. He makes more before noon than his older cousin makes all day. His cousin went to college for four years and now has to work 50 hours every week in an office. Now my nephew says why should I go to college? Keep Headlight Clean away from your college age kids!




Q You didn’t really answer my question how much can I make with Headlight Clean?

A. Do the math 1 bottle costs you $10. Each bottle will do 10 cars so your cost is $1 per car for Headlight Clean. Clean 1 car an hour for $20 and you make $19 per hour. Clean 4 cars an hour like my nephew plus sell 2 bottles of Headlight Clean at $39.95. Start at 9:00am and work till noon and make $19×4 cars per hour x 3 hours worked = $228 add 2 bottles sold at $30 profit per bottle = $288.00 before noon!




Q. I am a bit skeptical if you send me a free sample I promise to buy hundreds of bottles later.

A. We pride ourselves on our low prices and the profit potential of Headlight Clean. We get dozens of requests daily for free samples. We could not maintain our current price structure if we sent out all of the free sample requests we get. If you want a sample please purchase our retail bottle for $39.95. Then after you see how great it works shoot us an email and we will give you a credit for $29.95 on the purchase of our 10 or 100 bottle packs!




Q. Why can’t you just sell me one bottle for $10 so I can try it out?

A. We have many people buying our bottles of Headlight Clean for $10 and $7.50 and reselling them for $39.95. We will never undercut them by selling single bottles for $10 at our site.




Q. Are there any safety concerns with using Headlight Clean?

A. We recommend using disposable gloves someone may be allergic and of course don’t drink, Keep away from children, and keep out of eyes. Here is some of what is on the back of our bottles.

Directions: Shake well before each use. Apply small amount to cloth rag approximately 1/20 of an ounce. Rub on plastic headlight cover. Wear disposable plastic gloves. Keep off all other surfaces.

Avoid eye contact. Do not swallow. For eye contact, immediately flush eyes with water for 15 minutes. Keep Away From Children.




Q. I have a couple more questions what is the best way to get a answer?

A. Emails are answered a couple times a day. headlightclean@gmail.com







Q. So this is a get rich quick scheme and I will be driving a red Ferrari like the picture at the top of this page right?

A. No not unless you already have a Ferrari in your garage! What we are saying is having a bottle of Headlight Clean is just like having $200 in your pocket. Even the worst salesperson in the world could find 1 car per hour to clean at $20 per car. Will it take you 10 hours to make your $200 or will you get it done in 2 hours?

1 Bottle Headlight Clean $39.95 + $4.95 Shipping

1 Bottle Headlight Clean $39.95 + $4.95 Shipping



10 Bottles Headlight Clean $100.00 + $9.95 Shipping Enough for 100 Cars

10 Bottles Headlight Clean $100.00 + $9.95 Shipping Enough for 100 Cars

Visit http://headlightclean.net For large and custom orders