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After driving over 200,000 miles on my 1999 Ford Ranger I couldn’t tell if my headlights were on or off at night, often turning my headlights on and off, looking for a reflection on a car or road sign so I could tell that they were on. They were, but I could not see the road. With my first treatment of Headlight Clean, I could see the road again. People started to “click me down”, I clicked back and said “Hey, I have Headlight Clean!”










I viewed your video on Craigslist and found it extremely informative and well done. You seem to have an excellent product and I hope to be purchasing this product in the near future. I just wanted to comment on the low pressure, common sense approach you took in promoting this.










I just saw your add on Craig’s List and took a look at your website. I bought a bottle of Headlight Clean at the flea market from you guys last year. I have used it on my truck and the wife’s car. It works just like you show in the video. I am going to buy the 100 pack to take up north this summer and sell we are snowbirds.










I got the product and it really works. I’m looking at making money from selling your product.










I saw your ad on Craigslist. Watched the video and read the information. I mentioned it at work today and two people told me to buy a bottle and they would both pay me $20.00 each to do their cars. I talked to the Sheriff of my county and he wants me to do several patrol cars. I recouped my $100.00 investment and I haven’t even got the product yet. I bought 10 bottles and figure that the business on the first day will not even use 1 bottle. I AM PUMPED!!!!




I just got through ordering a 24 bottle with display. If the weather gets better I hope to get my demo headlight from the junkyard and go to work. I am in my seventies and need extra income. Thanks for your product.




I am making money everywhere I go with Headlight Clean. Post office $20, Day care$40, Gas station $20, Wal-Mart $20. Don’t be afraid to talk to strangers! Thanks Headlight Clean!




I drove the Wife and kids to Target on Sunday. I stayed in the parking lot with my car and my Headlight Clean. Turns out I made more than the Wife spent. I don’t care if I ever get called back to work.







Headlight Clean works great I started with one bottle and have now ordered 10 bottles. I have 3 bottles sold and I haven’t even received them yet.

I will be ordering more product this stuff works great, will send pix soon.




Hello. I recently received my first bottle of H.C. and your product works great! I’ll be ordering 10 bottles soon and hopefully my 100 bottle order after I get my logo finalized. Thanks!




I purchased one bottle and am ready to purchase 10 bottles. I used the product on my 745LI and S500 and got amazing results! How do I get the $29.99 discount?




I took your suggestions and set up at the Flea Market. We have had two great weekends both selling bottles and cleaning lights in the parking lot. I talked to the Flea Market owner and asked if I could be the only one in the Flea Market doing headlights. He said if I set up a second stand at the other end of the market he would allow me to be the only one cleaning headlights. That is what I will do. One stand at the north parking lot and one stand at the south parking lot.




I bought one bottle of your Headlight Clean and I also went to the auto parts store and bought the 3 different kits that they sell. I took it all to the junk yard to test them out. Your stuff was the big winner! I have just ordered 24 more bottles.




I recently bought a bottle of your product and am very impressed. I now wish to purchase the 10 bottle package




I own a 10 minute oil change shop. Your Headlight Clean is any easy add on sale for us. People did not want to wait an hour for headlight restoration. Now we can do it before the oil change is completed. It has become our number 1 add on sale.




I have been restoring headlights for a few years using other methods. I always made decent money averaged about $30 an hour while working. Since I switched to Headlight Clean I am averaging $90 per hour now!


I own a full service car wash your product is a perfect add on sale for us. We charge $45 with a lifetime guarantee. Even if a customer wants a free treatment under the guarantee it only costs us $1 worth of your product. But of course they will pay for a $7 car wash anyways.


I own a full service auto detail and window tinting company, I did some re-search on the company and found allot of positive results, i ordered the 10 bottles and it arrived within a few days, one of the bottles leaked in the box and I sent a email to customer service, I have to say that there response and delivery time (2 days) to send me a new bottle was great, no questions asked. I actually tried the product on my personal s.u.v and it worked great, I obtained before and after pictures and can show anyone my personal results. So far I feel this company is great and I am a happy customer…….


Got my order today and tried it out on my son’s old car. I am impressed! It does work. I took a gamble on your product and now will start doing headlights at my retail car audio store. It’s always nice to have other income options these days. I will be putting up a sign saying we do this service while you wait and also see if I can sell bottles to my body shop accounts.



I received my first bottle and took it to the junk yard to try on some headlights. This stuff works great. I am ready to order the 24 pack. How do I get the $29.95 discount?


My Name is Bill ####### and I bought one bottle of your Headlight Clean a few weeks ago to try. I am extremely happy with the product and wish to buy 10 more bottles at the discounted rate.


I have purchased a bottle at full retail of $39.95 and I am ready to order 10 bottles please provide discount instructions the email I used was #######@gmail.com thanks again


I received my bottle of headlight clean yesterday. Stuff works grrrreat! Wow. Very, very impressed.


I took a bottle to the junkyard to test it out. Works great I am upset that I didn’t bring my camera with me.


Hi. I received my bottle 2 days ago and last night I took it to work. I work for an emergency service and we have many red and clear lenses and light bars that are cloudy/hazy. I tried it on a couple and with very little effort they came clear. I also did a guy’s headlights and he and I were impressed with the results.



When most of my 10 pack was gone I ordered the 100 bottle private label pack. I received the 100 bottles in 5 days the label turned out great. This is working great at the flea market on weekends.


Wow this stuff works great on plastic skylights. I am getting referrals from 3 roofing companies. Of course I do the roofing companies vehicle headlights for free as an incentive. Buy the way I get big bucks on the skylights.


I tried the 1 $39.95 bottle. Can I have my $29.95 discount applied to the 24 bottle white label order?


I ordered the 1 bottle for like $40 to clean the headlights on my 1999 Oldsmobile Bravada. I ended up rear ending a pickup truck and busted both headlight covers. I sent the bottle back because I had no use for it. Glad to see you honor your guarantee. My Pay Pal charge for $39.95 was reversed in a couple of days.


I just wanted to say THANK YOU for a great product. I purchased the 24 bottle package and I’m making money like crazy! I started with just a few neighbors and moved onto the shopping mall parking lots and just about everyone goes for it. I do a demo sample of a silver dollar size like you said and for every 10 I do that for I’ve been batting 10 for 10 every time. I’m getting ready to hit the rounds at my local body/repair shops and oil changing shops to see what happens. I haven’t done the flea markets yet but I will do them soon after I get this on automatic. Again I’ve been making major money like $400 a day only doing 2 hours per day. That’s more then I made before I was laid-off. I just might not go back to work if this keeps up, lol…..I’ve even thought about getting some people to work for me doing the same thing. Even if I pay them half the profits for the day I would still be bringing in $400 daily on top of what I bring in. A $1K a day ain’t to bad if I do say so myself. I just wish I lived in a state with warmer weather than good old Chicago…..


Wow I can’t believe I just got a business started for $100. By the way I made that $100 back before the first bottle was ½ way gone.


Very impressed with my first bottle. How do I get the $29.95 discount on the 10 bottle package


1 Bottle Headlight Clean $39.95 + $4.95 Shipping

1 Bottle Headlight Clean $39.95 + $4.95 Shipping



10 Bottles Headlight Clean $100.00 + $9.95 Shipping Enough for 100 Cars


10 Bottles Headlight Clean $100.00 + $9.95 Shipping Enough for 100 Cars

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