Christmas Testimonials

Holiday Window Painting Testimonials

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I bought the 12 scene kit in October of 2010. Like you said I spent a full day getting my templates ready. The first week in November I started painting. I stayed busy up until about December 15th. I made some well needed Christmas money. Almost all of the stores I painted asked that I come back in 2011.

The $249 I spent for the kit was well worth it. I made that back the first day. When are you going to have other holidays available?

Everyone loved that snowman. It is a little harder to paint but it is worth it.

I can’t even draw a straight line. But my Holiday Windows turned out great. It is a very easy system to learn.

I made almost as much in January cleaning the painting off for customers.

I made more with this part time than I do at my Full time job.

I am looking forward to 2011. I have plenty of work already booked.

My wife and I were surprised how easy it is to sell this service to businesses. Just hand them copies of your photos and they ask How Much do you charge!

Next year I will have 3 crews painting can you say cha ching

The only problem I had was that I finished some jobs so quick. Business owners see that I am making too much per hour. I guess I will have to slow down a bit next year.

That was the best $249 I ever spent. I teamed up with my brother and we did very well. Next year we will each have a separate route!

My wife thought I was crazy spending $249 dollars on this. I made enough to pay for our whole Christmas. Next year she is taking time off her job to help paint!!

I ended up with 30 jobs working this part time. In 2011 I will expand and go full time with some employees.

12 Template Holiday Scenes Emailed Kit $125.00

12 Template Holiday Scenes Emailed Kit $125.00