Halloween FAQ

Q. How long have you been painting Halloween Windows?

A. I started in 1990

Q. Are you an artist?

A. No but I have been helped by skilled artists in developing the templates used in this process.

Q. I am no artist are you sure I can do this?

A. When my son went home the other day after we made the training videos. My 7 year old granddaughter asked him if she could paint a scene after she watched the video on painting the Santa Face. He let her do it on their sliding glass door at home. I saw it today and it looks great! My son told me that she did it start to finish with no help.

Q. When did you start selling these kits?

A. This is the second year. I am in my 70s now. I stopped painting store fronts a few years ago. But I have been thinking of marketing the templates for about 5 years or so. My sons still paint windows and they are helping me market these kits.

Q. What does this kit contain?

A. It contains computer file copies of the templates. There is a set up process that you will need to complete. It will take on average a half hour for each template. Once you have finished your template it will last for several years. Each template will come with written step by step painting instructions. We will also give you online access to instructional videos. You will also have access to color photos of painted scenes and completed store fronts like you have seen on our website.

Q. What else will I need before starting?

A. You will need to make a stop at Wal-Mart or your local hardware store for supplies. Spend between $10 and $20 to get started. You will also need to pick up template material that is easy to find at several retail stores that every town has. The cost is about $2 per scene. You reuse the same templates for years.

Q. What is the email kit?

A. We send you computer files of the template drawings. You email the files to your local printer or office supply store. They print out full size drawings of the templates for you. It costs $3 at Office Depot for each drawing.

Q. Once I receive my kit how long will it take me to get ready and learn the process?

A. Plan on spending a full day getting setup. Find a medium sized window to practice on a sliding glass door is perfect. You can paint a practice scene and remove it easily to try another.

Q. Will this paint wash off in the rain? Or Fade in the sun.

A. No it will not rinse off or fade.

Q. How is it removed in November?

A. A sharp razor blade will remove it. I have made almost as much money in November by removing the scenes as I have by painting them. We charge 50% of original job for removal. Then paint the Thanksgiving windows. Then after Thanksgiving paint the Christmas windows.

Q. What do you charge store owners for the painting?

A. My goal was $20 per scene. If the store had room for 5 scenes I would ask for $95.00. Since it takes about 10 minutes per scene and since supplies were about $2 for 5 scenes this would work out to slightly less than $100 per hour.

Q. What is your sales method?

A. Just walk into the business and hand photos to the owner or person in charge. They will start asking you questions. You can print out these photos from my web site and book jobs before the kit even arrives. We email all the photos to you with the kit.

Q. What about other holidays do you have templates for them?

A. Yes we do for the Christmas Season and for Thanksgiving

Q. How does this work in cold weather?

A. I have worked this for 2 years in Pittsburgh with no problems. Glass is heated on the inside by the warm air inside of the building raising the temperature of the glass on the outside slightly. All you have to do is keep your paint warm in the car between jobs.

Q. When do you start painting?

A. The prime season runs from October First up till a few days before Halloween. Then we put up Thanksgiving. After Thanksgiving we put up Christmas.

Q. Did you pre book all of your work?

A. I had regular clients that I painted every year. But every year some businesses closed or changed owners. I like the sell and paint immediately method. I would price the job cheaper if the painting was done immediately. You can also pre book all of your work as early as July and have a full schedule ready to go October First!

Q. With a limited number of templates what do you do when more than one store in a shopping center wants painted?

A. Of course the bigger selection of templates makes everything easier. But you can do color variations on some scenes to make them look unique.

Q. Do I need special equipment like a paint sprayer?

A. No you can get your supplies at Wal-Mart or a Hardware Store for $10 to $20

Q. So will I be driving a Ferrari if I buy your kit?

A. Not unless you have a Ferrari in your garage now. But you do have the opportunity to make several hundred dollars a day over a 3-4 Month period. Plus clean off money in January. You should be able to recover your investment in the first ½ day worked.

Q. What about a charity fundraiser?

A. Besides my sons the only other person I shared these templates with was an old army buddy of mine. He went back to his home town after visiting me. And got his charity involved and they painted the whole town!

12 Template Halloween Window Painting Emailed Kit

12 Template Halloween Window Painting Emailed Kit