Tasmanian FAQ


Q. How can this cage be made out of 2 pieces of wood?

A. One piece is cut into 6 lengths. The other is cut into 7 lengths.

Q. How much does Home Depot charge to cut these boards?

A. The Home Depot in my city charges .25 cents per cut. $3.25 for the whole project.

Q. Where can I find the hardware needed for one of these cages?

A. Home Depot carries everything needed. We send you the complete shopping list with the instructions.

Q. How much will it cost to make one of these cages?

A. About $40 and you will have extra supplies left over making your second cage even cheaper.

Q. What tools will I need?

A. Power Drill, Pliers’, Screw Driver, Wire Cutter, Drill Bit, Screw Bit, Measure Tape.

Q. No saw?

A. Not if you get Home depot to make the cuts.

Q. How long will it take?

A. Usually 1 hour. Maybe longer on your first cage.

Q. What type of spring and hinge is used?

A. We give you the exact answer with the purchase of a kit. This is why it is worth it to spend $75 to find the secret of 50 years of trial and error. If you use the wrong spring or hinge your Devil will just plop on the ground in front of the cage. With our plans and suggested hardware your goose will fly 15 feet every time and lands exactly were you want it to land. You will be able to aim your goose with pin point accuracy.

Q. I am not much of a carpenter are you sure I can build one?

A. Piece of cake it is all drill and screw no hammering skills needed.

Q. Do you have Pictures of the building process?

A. Yes we have high resolution photos of every step that are included with your kit.

Q. These plans that I can sell what exactly do they consist of?

A. One page supply list. Double sided instruction sheet with 20 color photos. Just print out extra coppies at home on your printer. Every time you shoot the Devil someone will want to borrow, Buy or build a cage!

Q. How much should I sell these plans for?

A. It will cost you about .10 cents to print them out at home so anything above .10 cents is pure profit! Try $10 to $50 each.

Q. How much should I sell a complete cage for if I build them at home?

A. Your supplies will be about $25 when you buy supplies for more than 1. You will spend an hour building them until you become very proficient at the build. Sell for $125 to $150 each.

Q. What should I use for the Tasmanian Devil?

A. Toy Stuffed animal with long tail.

Q. Why should I buy your kit I think I can build it without the plans?

A. You probably can. However if you want your Tasmanian Devil to fly your hardware will take a beating. Believe me it will cost a lot more than $75 just perfecting the correct hinge spring mechanism. Use the wrong combo and it will fall apart after a couple uses or your goose will just barely plop out.

Tasmanian Devil Cage Plans Emailed $75.00

Tasmanian Devil Cage Plans Emailed $75.00