Goodness Fucks Badly On A Bank In The Forest

Goodness Fucks Badly On A Bank In The Forest

Sarah's husband Robert had only been away on assignment for a few weeks when he informed her that he was involved with a woman in Europe. He hoped that any legal proceedings could wait until he returned. In the meantime he instructed a lawyer to draw up papers transferring the house to her name and providing financial support for her. He said he knew she had been unhappy and hoped that she would try to move on without him. Otherwise, he was unapologetic. Sarah assured him she would be fine and that she appreciated the financial arrangements. It was, in almost every way, a relief. In her mind, Sarah 'moved on' years ago. The culmination of this had been her new relationship with Jake. She felt like a new woman, freed of many of the contrived shackles of convention. There was so much she wanted to discover and experience and she was looking forward to all of it! Halloween was approaching and it was a chance to pursue one of those experiences. Sarah heard talk of a club named TMZ – The Mystery Zone. It was referred to as a Lifestyle club. She discovered that meant it was a club for swingers. Two of the more legendary events at the club were Halloween and New Years. These were 'not miss' parties in the LS community. Photos posted online showed a packed club with dozens and dozens of party-goers in amazing costumes. Sarah approached Jake to gauge his level of interest and he said he was all for it! She was thrilled and immediately set about making plans. The question was what to chose for costumes. Club photos showed attendees in everything from elegant masquerade ball type outfits to super heroes to body paint and liquid latex. Some people wore masks while others went without. Imagination and daring seemed to be the only limitations. Sarah searched online for ideas and sources. She told Jake she wanted to find costumes that were related in some way but not necessarily matching. They decided Jake would go as a Priest and Sarah would be his accompanying Dark Angel. The dichotomy of evil and a Dark Angel were unmistakable. Few people knew about the many changes in Sarah's life. She did, however, confide in her friend Doris – at least to some degree. She and Doris worked quite closely at school and had become good friends. There was something special about Doris that Sarah found fascinating. Doris was a complex person and Sarah had discovered there was much more to the school librarian than met the eye. Doris now knew much about Jake and his steamy connection with Sarah. Doris was very supportive of Sarah and this new and exciting chapter in her life. Doris was a firm believer in the right of people to be happy and she could see happiness in the life of her friend, Sarah. Sarah tried to be discreet about the upcoming visit to TMZ. She talked on the phone a few times with Jake about random details including the location of the club in the NW corner of town. The club opened at 9:00 PM but most online comments suggested the majority of people planned to arrive after 10 at the earliest. During one phone conversation, while sitting with Doris, she mentioned the name TMZ and the costumes they would wear but then caught herself. She hoped it would mean nothing to the librarian. A couple of days later, Doris asked Sarah about plans for Halloween. Sarah told her they planned on going to a party with some new friends. When Sarah asked Doris what she would be doing, Doris indicated she would likely spend the evening at home handing out candy, but that there were very few trick-or-treaters in her neighborhood. It was a shame, she said, because she had a very cute Raggedy Anne costume she liked to wear. Halloween arrived and Sarah was nervous and aflutter about the upcoming club event. TMZ is a on-premise, private club where most anything can and likely does happen. The online site gave Sarah and Jake a good idea of the layout. There was a large area in front with tables and a dance floor. The dance area included stripper poles and from the looks of it, they got good use! A good-sized bar and small boutique completed the regular access part of the club. General naughtiness could be expected, but it was in more discreet VIP section that more exotic activities too place. Jake told Sarah it was up to her to decide on whether or not to go for VIP access. Sarah was of the opinion that if they were going to go to the club, they might as well experience all it had to offer! When they arrived at TMZ, the parking lot was packed. Sarah tingled with anticipation as they made their way to the door, paid for entrance, and entered the club. Jake looked very genuine in his priest costume with the exception of an added mask. Sarah looked super sexy in her all-black, Dark Angel outfit. The plunging neckline displayed a lot of cleavage. The skirt was cut very short and let her show off a LOT of her well toned legs. Large wings on her back, 'fuck me' pumps, and a black lace mask completed her ensemble. As planned, it would be next to impossible to tell their real identities. The tables were all occupied but they managed to find seats at the bar. Jake ordered Scotch and Sarah asked for a double Absolut and cranberry juice. She downed in two gulps and called for another. She needed to calm herself and loosen her inhibitions. The decided to just people watch for a bit and get their bearings. The variety of costumes was amazing. Themes ranged from a number of cartoon inspired get-ups to BDSM to a unicorn to just lingerie. The dance floor was packed and Sarah could see a number of couples kissing and touching. Sarah was particularly interested in the two women performing on the stripper poles. She watched wide-eyed as they displayed amazing skill and agility. She wondered if this was what they did for a living or if it was just a hobby they had mastered. Jake suggested they dance and pulled Sarah with him through the throngs of people. A slow song played and Jake held her close while they swayed to the music. Sarah's expression changed to one of astonishment and she whispered to Jake, “Somebody is fondling my ass!” Jake peered over her shoulder and was somewhat surprised to see a pretty woman in a nurse's costume running her hands all over Sarah's firm behind. The woman winked at him and, above the music, said, “I like your angel, Father! Maybe we'll see you later.” Then she and her partner danced away from them. Jake and Sarah stayed on the dance floor and another slow tune played. Sarah observed that there was a lot of touching and fondling going on. The standard approach was to dance close to another couple and usually it was the woman who instigated contact. In some cases the women would turn to face each other where there could be some serious groping and once in a while, girl-girl kissing. Jake seemed to take it all in stride but for Sarah, it was arousing and alarming all at the same time. She hardly had time to consider the possibilities when another pair of hands started to explore her body. A younger couple had joined them. He was dressed as a construction worker and she was a pirate wench with a tight corset top and frilly skirt. The girl spun Sarah around and they danced face-to-face. Jake held Sarah's shoulders as the girl's hands roamed her body from her hips to her breasts to everything in between. Her partner caressed her boobs while she played with Sarah. “You can touch me, if you'd like.” said the girl. Sarah, somewhat unsure of herself, reached out a tentative hand and fondled the girl's boob. A shiver of excitement ran down Sarah's back and she was startled at her own actions. The song ended, the girl grinned, kissed Sarah on the cheek, and she said she hoped they had a good time. Sarah's face was flushed and Jake suggested they head back to the bar. It was hard not to notice the two women sitting in the spots adjacent to theirs making out with intense passion. Their dates appeared to be enjoying the show a great deal. Sarah was not at all sure she had prepared herself for what might happen this night but she decided she better figure it out quickly. She quickly downed another vodka and cranberry juice. Jake directed her attention to a doorway at the far end of the bar. This was obviously the entrance to the VIP area. A bouncer of some type was checking wristbands before granting entrance. Jake inquired as to whether or not she would like to tour the VIP section but she told him she'd have another drink first. The TMZ web site described the VIP area as a place for discriminating couples to play. Photos showed a seating area with large couches and a number of video screens. Sarah wondered if they showed sports on the TVs but was now suspected it was more likely they would show adult movies. She had watched a few late-night adult oriented shows on TV but never with other people around. Would she be embarrassed? What if Jake asked her if she ever watched porn. She thought about that for a moment. This was a man who had touched her most intimately. There was hardly a need for embarrassment, at least around him. And besides, watching porn with him might be kind of exciting! In addition to the seating area there were showers, two large hot tubs, a large play room for the voyeurs and exhibitionists (she could hardly wrap her mind around that), and some smaller rooms for those looking seeking a little more privacy. The very least they could do would be to visit the VIP area. It wasn't like someone was going to bonk her over the head and drag her into an orgy. She had Jake and she knew he would support her in whatever she chose to do – or not do. She grabbed Jake’s glass of Scotch and downed it in a single swallow. Her intent was to take him by the hand and invite him to go explore! Sudden movement caught her attention. Out of the crowd, a slender woman with long dark hair approached. She was dressed as Catwoman. It was a very sexy, two-piece outfit consisting of a low-cut halter and tight pants. A black mask covered much of her face. Tall boots with high heels completed the costume. She stopped in front of Jake but was watching Sarah intently. “Forgive me Father, I've been watching this woman all evening and I'm about to commit a rather lascivious act.” She spoke with a distinct English accent. With that, she placed a hand on the back of Sarah's head and pulled her into a long, wet, passionate kiss. Jake was dumbstruck. He fully expected Sarah to pull away but that did not happen. Sarah was astonished to find herself fervently responding to this mysterious woman's attentions! Catwoman's tongue pushed against Sarah's lips. Sarah's pulse raced, her breathing was quick and shallow. In a purely visceral reaction, she opened her mouth to accommodate Catwoman's advances. The dark-haired woman paused for a moment. “You taste wonderful. I'd like to find out if the rest of you tastes that good.” Sarah's cheeks blazed red. Before she could respond in any way, the woman kissed her again. This time she slid a hand inside Sarah's top and cupped her breast. Sarah's nipples went instantly hard. She was as aroused as she could ever remember. This incredibly seductive woman had upset her equilibrium in a heartbeat. As the woman stroked and squeezed her breast, Sarah stared at Jake with wide eyes as if imploring him to choose a course of action for her. He kind of shrugged and gave her a 'why the hell not' look in response. As if sensing agreement, Catwoman stood, took Sarah by the hand and said, “It is time we found some privacy. We are off to the VIP area. Bring the priest. We may yet have need of him.” Sarah grabbed Jake's cassock and dragged him along behind her. Catwoman didn't break stride when she got to the entrance of the VIP section. She addressed the bouncer by name and said simply, “They are with me, Anthony. We would rather not be disturbed.” Sarah had been right. Adult movies were playing on the TVs in the seating area. A lot of kissing and petting was going on. As they passed the large play room on their right, Sarah caught a glimpse of couples engaged in various sex acts and a small crowd gathered to watch them. Catwoman found one of the smaller playrooms that was empty and ushered Sarah and Jake inside. The dimly lit room was dominated by a king-sized bed with some sort of vinyl cover. Stacks of towels were on small tables. There were hooks for clothes and a couple of chairs. Catwoman held Sarah by the wrist while pointing toward one of the chairs. “Sit, priest. This might take a while.” Jake dutifully installed himself in one of the chairs. He had to adjust himself a couple of times to keep his cock from 'tenting' his ro
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be like a schoolboy. Catwoman smirked at him. He was trying to play it cool, as if this sort of thing happened all the time. But truth be told, he was astonished by the events. This irresistible woman in was very likely about to do things to and with Sarah he would not have dreamed likely. He might or might not be invited to join in, and frankly, he didn't care. “Angel, I want you to enjoy this. Just the three of us are here. We will not be disturbed. There are only two absolutes tonight. First, the masks must remain on at all times. And secondly, if at any time either of you is uncomfortable and want to stop, we stop. Agreed?” Both Sarah and Jake nodded their assent. Catwoman turned Sarah towards the bed and unhooked the wings from her outfit. She handed them to Jake without a word. After that, she started to touch Sarah. She began slowly, running hands over shoulders and arms, hips and thighs and buttocks. Sarah stood motionless but inside, she was struggling with the 'fight or flight' response. She thrilled to this woman's touch. Her pussy was wet. Yet, part of her was afraid to yield to the burning desires flowing through her. Catwoman knew this situation and the associated feelings well. She did not thing Sarah would choose flight. At least, she hoped not. Catwoman would be relentless. She knew how to play this game of seduction and domination and submission. She would bring her angel to the brink time and again before she let her come. She moved Sarah so she was standing in front of Jake. “No touching, Father. I want you to watch and enjoy.” She pulled the sides of Sarah's plunging neckline to the side, freeing her breasts. Sarah's beautiful nipples were erect. Catwoman fondled each boob, displaying them for Jake. Then she rolled each nipple between her thumb and forefinger, teasing both Sarah and Jake in the process. “You have very nice breasts, my angel. And I think your man agrees.” All Jake could do was nod. Sarah's leaned her head back and moaned quietly. The sensations running through her body were powerful and arousing. It was new and exciting and 'dirty' to be touched like this by another woman. Jake was mesmerized. They had never talked about other women – or other men – but now here they were at TMZ and another woman was basically molesting Sarah! Catwoman slid her hands down Sarah's body and she grabbed the hem of Sarah's costume. Slowly, she pulled it up and exposed the black lace panties beneath. She ran her hands over Sarah's ass and then reached to the front and cupped her pussy. Sarah groaned softly. She wanted to flee. And she wanted more. She stared at Jake, looking for reassurance and he nodded his head. “You two look incredible!” was all he could manage. Slender fingers hooked the waistband of Sarah's panties. With agonizing slowness, Catwoman slid them down her legs and she knelt to help Sarah step out of the silky undergarment. When she stood, she grabbed Sarah gently by the neck and sucked her right earlobe into her mouth. She nibbled and teased and kissed Sarah's neck. Sarah moaned softly and wanted to collapse but managed to maintain her balance. Catwoman's attention returned to Sarah's breasts. She squeezed and fondled them in her hands. This woman knew exactly how to touch Sarah to generate maximum excitement. Soft squeezing turned into more aggressive handling of Sarah's boobs and finally Catwoman pinched both Sarah's nipples causing a slight gasp. “You've been very good, my angel. Do you know what I'm going to do to you now?” “No.” was Sarah's whispered reply. “I'm going to play with your pussy. And your man is going to sit and watch everything I do. I would venture he's never seen anything like that before. Now, be a good girl and hold up the hem of your dress.” Sarah could not believe how brazen this woman was and the things she was doing. It was overwhelming and yet, Sarah found herself pulling up her costume to expose herself for the woman and for her lover. Catwoman slowly stroked her fingers up and down the outer lips of Sarah's pussy. She stared directly at Jake as she teased and explored until finally she felt the hard nub of Sarah's clitoris and rubbed in quick little circles. “Mmmm. You are nice and wet, Angel, I'm going to slip inside you now.” First one, and the two fingers slid their way into Sarah's pussy. She was almost panting with excitement as this woman, a complete stranger, finger-fucked her with one hand and with the other she pinched and teased her nipples. Never in a million years would she have imagined a scenario like this. It was so wrong and yet it was so right. It was the wildest sexual moment of her life and she wanted more! Sarah stared at Jake. He was alternately looking at her eyes and staring at the fingers pumping into Sarah's pussy. Sarah's face and chest were flushed. She started to pump her hips to meet the thrusts of her mysterious lover. Her pulse was racing and she was rapidly approaching the point of release. As if sensing that her prey was going to come, Catwoman slowed her pace. Sarah whimpered, desperate for climax. “You've been a very good girl, Angel. And now, I want you to be a very bad girl. Could you do that for me?” Sarah was unsure of what her answer should be but this woman had her bewitched and she wanted to please her. “I can be as bad as you want me to be. Tell me what you want me to do!” Catwoman smiled to herself. This would likely be the ultimate test of the evening. “We're going to sit on the bed. I'm going to hold you. I'm going to play with your breasts. I'm going to pull your hair. I'm going to run my hands all over your gorgeous, sexy body. And you, are going to bring yourself to orgasm.” “You don't mean…….?” “Yes, Angel. That is exactly what I mean.” Sarah was stunned. Her mind raced. That was too much. It was too shocking! She couldn't possibly! She stared at Jake with a wild, pleading look. Surely he would stop this. But all she saw was intense lust staring back at her. Jake slowly nodded his head. “Please.” was all he said. Sarah struggled to control her emotions. Her heart felt as if it would explode out of her chest. Her breathing was ragged and shallow. Time slowed to a crawl. And then she let herself be pulled to a seated position on the bed. Catwoman put her hands on each of Sarah's thighs and eased them them apart, exposing her sex. She felt extremely vulnerable. Adrenaline raced through her. And as a result, she was not sure she had ever felt this alive. Jake did not appear to be shocked or outraged at the prospect of watching her touch herself. In fact, his face reflected wonder, fascination, great excitement, and intense desire. He was, in his mind-blown state, urging her on. He was there for her and he was completely supportive of whatever her choice might be. For some reason, Sarah's mind wandered to a show she watched some time before that documented the career of Jenna Jameson. Whether as a stripper or an actress, Jenna figured if you were going to do something, you might as well be the best at it! This was one of those moments for Sarah. If she were going to masturbate and get herself off for Catwoman and especially for Jake, they by god, she was going to give them a show to remember! Sarah turned her head and brought her lips to meet Catwoman. They kissed long, slow, wet kisses. Catwoman was all over Sarah. She fondled Sarah's breasts. There was kneading and pinching and twisting of nipples. She licked and kissed Sarah's neck and bit her gently on the earlobes. All the while Sarah wriggled and squirmed as rapidly stroked her clit. If she had ever been more turned on in her life or felt more wanton, she could not remember. She had given a boy a handjob in a movie theater when she was much younger and thought she was daring and risque and naughty, but this… this was a whole new dimension of thrill and risk and exhilaration For a moment she wondered if this were real or if she were dreaming. A hand grabbing her breast and guiding it to a waiting mouth assured her she wasn't. Catwoman leaned around and licked Sarah's nipple and then sucked it into her mouth. Her little angel was extremely aroused, as she had hoped. Sarah responded by increasing the pace of her self-stimulation. She now had both hands on her pussy and was finger-fucking herself as she frantically stroked her clit. She wanted to explode but she also wanted to prolong this for as long as she could. Her breathing was ragged and shallow and she bit her lower lip. Jake, for his part, was inescapably spellbound. Two very sexy women were putting on a show the likes of which he could not have imagined. He desperately wanted to reach out and touch Sarah but he was afraid to disrupt this raw, completely enveloping, sexual energy. How could he capture all this in his memory? There was so much to look at, so much to comprehend, so much that he wanted to savor in his mind forever! The room was mostly quiet except for Sarah's gentle moans and ragged breathing. She was intently focused on the urgency of her lust and a compelling desire to bring satisfaction to herself, to Jake, and a complete stranger. “Nice women don't do this!” she thought to herself. But then, she silently asked, “Why not?” Catwoman knew her dark angel must be close to climax and decided to push her over the edge. She grabbed Sarah's boobs and squeezed them. At the same time she put her mouth to Sarah's ear and urged her on. “Angel, it is time. I want you to come for me. I want you to come for your man. Most of all, I want you to come for yourself.” With that, she squeezed and rolled Sarah's nipples aggressively. The small shock wave of pain was all it took. Sarah grunted and her entire body went taut. Sarah continued to rapidly rub her clit as the waves of orgasm rocked her body. Spasm after spasm of pleasure shook her to the core. All she could manage to say was, “Oh, god!” over and over and over. With agonizing and delicious slowness, he climax subsided. Sarah rolled her head back and all the tension left her body. She was spent. Utterly and completely. For several minutes, Catwoman held her tightly and kissed her neck and shoulders. “That was, in the true sense of the word, awesome, my dear. I have experienced many things in the world of pleasure, but you are a rare and captivating sexual creature. I am SO glad I met you, tonight! I hope you feel the same way.” Sarah summoned the strength to sit up and turned herself to look at Catwoman. “Who ARE you?” she inquired. “That is an excellent question, my angel. I am a mystery, at least for the moment.” Catwoman slid from behind Sarah, off the bed, and moved to the door. “You can't be leaving?!” exclaimed Sarah. “Perhaps we'll meet again.” responded Catwoman. “Life can be full of surprises.” Then she winked at Jake and added, “Next time, priest, bring a camera. Because no one is going to believe you if you try to describe this.” She grinned as his inability to respond, and with that, she was out the door. Jake could not move. His brain had gone into overload and he had no way of relating what he had witnessed to any possible point of reference to life as he knew it. Her own mind in turmoil, Sarah had collapsed backwards on the bed. “Jesus! What the fuck just happened?” she murmured. A smiling Catwoman made her way from the VIP section, stopping for a few brief moments to thank Anthony, the bouncer, for having watched over her. He hoped that she had a good time and she assured him she had. “It was, most memorable!” she told him and then kissed him on the cheek. Anthony clicked his radio to the transmit position and asked them to bring Catwoman's limo to the door because she was ready to leave. He wished her safe travels. Catwoman slid into the back seat of the limo and settled into soft leather surroundings. She was greeted by her special driver, a pretty, and very adventurous young woman named Vivian. “Did you have a nice time, ma'am?” inquired the driver. The one word answer was, “Delicious.” As the limo pulled away from the club, Catwoman locked eyes with Vivian, each gazing intently at the other via the rear view mirror. Catwoman slid her hand inside her pants and began to touch herself, never breaking eye contact with her driver. “Vivian, my darling, I would like you to follow the short route home and I took the liberty of informing your boss that you would be unavailable for the rest of the night. I told him you would be, tied up.” She winked at her driver. “Yes, Mistress.” was the breathless reply.

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